We are glad to serve you for the 2022 New Year!

Free RPG Day! 10/16/21

This October 16th, CheckMate Games & Hobbies is letting you have a FREE Role-Playing Game just for coming in to check us out!
“Why would you do that??” you ask.
Because more people need to be aware Checkmate is here to serve your games needs!
Really! All you have to do is walk in, say “I’d like a free thing, please.” and we let you pick from, books, dice, miniatures, and more! (Selection is limited. One item per in-store guest. Saturday Only. )

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Since January I’ve been keeping track of Board Game Geek Hotness report.  I would compile data from information about the games, videos with reviews and play throughs, and if the games on the list can be ordered from our vendors.  Up to now the list stayed at the counter for reference.  Below is a link to the report to let you know what games people are excited about and are playing.  It’ll also let you know if it is possible for us to get a copy for you.

The report is updated weekly and I hope it serves you well.  Please let us know what you are excited about and if there is anything we can do for you.






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Checkmate’s January 23th Newsletter

Check out our latest newsletter here!

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MTG: Kaldheim

Coming February 5th! This set is a top-down Norse mythology-inspired set; Magic’s take on what a world inspired by Vikings might look like.This set contains 285 regular cards (10 basic lands) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards!

Pre-Release Kits: $25.00

Draft Boosters: $99.99+Tax /$3.99 per individual pack

Set Boosters: $125.00+Tax/$4.99 per individual pack

Collector Boosters: $250.00+Tax/$24.99 per individual pack



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Checkmate’s December 20th Newsletter


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MTG: Commander Legends

On November 13th, Commander Legends begins its Pre-Release! This will be another take home Pre-Release due to COVID. 

Draft Boosters: $125.00+tax and individual packs will be $5.99+tax

Collector Boosters: $249.99+tax and individual boosters will be $25.99+tax

Commander Decks: $24.99+tax

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YuGiOh Maximum Gold

The YuGiOh Maximum Gold box comes out November 13th and is chock full of awesome and needed reprints!

Striking Gold!

Premium Gold Rares are the ultimate evolution of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Gold Rares. Golden outlines and borders cleanly accentuate and enhance the art you love and add texture to the cards. Symbols like Level stars and Attribute icons shine like pools of precious molten metal. Premium Gold Rares inspire awe in the hearts of any Duelist who sees them, and Maximum Gold gives you the chance to add 52 of Dueling’s finest cards to your Decks as beautiful Premium Gold Rares!

Unseen Treasures!

New Premium Gold technology isn’t the only way Maximum Gold is going to make your cards look amazing...

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The Secret Neighbor Party Game

Your creepy neighbor has something locked up in their basement and it’s up to you and your friends to reveal their plot. You’ll need to use object you find around the neighbor’s house to locate 3 different keys. There is one problem though, some of your friends are villainous neighbors in disguise! Trade and cooperate as one of the kids or steal and deceive your way into victory. 5-10 players will take on a role of either one of the neighborhood kids, the treacherous neighbor or even a secret neighbor. If even one neighbor convinces the kids to let them use a key then the neighbors have won, so the kids must use all their deduction skills to figure out who they an trust! 

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August is Learn How to Play Heroclix Month!

For the month of August, we are teaching you how to play some Heroclix! Come in and sit down with any employee to get a one on one tutorial and then get a FREE Heroclix figure! 

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L5R Organized Play Events!

We are hosting a 3 weeks of events for Legends of the 5 rings! 

Starting Saturday, November 30th @ 1pm, players may come out and play some causal L5R to get this seasons newest Promos! 

Event Dates & Times:

Saturday, November 30th @ 1pm

Saturday, December 7th @ 1pm

Saturday, December 14th @ 1pm


Hope to see you there! 


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