Open Board Game Nights

Checkmate's Open Board Game Nights Every Tuesday evening, from 7:00 PM- close, Checkmate's hosts Open Board Game Nights! This event is free and open to all, regardless of age or board game experience. Games are provided via our Demo Game Library, but participants are encouraged to bring their favorite games for others to try! Why ...
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FREE RPG Day 2018

From noon-midnight on Saturday, June 16th, Checkmate will be hosting many different ROLE-PLAYING GAMES at various different time slots throughout the day. CURRENT SCHEDULE:
  • Noon - Star Wars - Savage Worlds 
  • 4pm - Dungeons & Dragons - Beneath the Keep
  • 4pm - Pathfinder - We Be Super Goblins!!
  • 8pm - Call of Cthulhu - ...
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Dungeons and Dragons Encounters

Wednesday Night Dungeons & Dragons Encounters

Brave Adventurers Wanted Every Wednesday night, Checkmate hosts Dungeons and Dragons Encounters. These Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Encounters are a new-player friendly night of the week that is more than just an event. It is a community where we set aside the ordinary to do the extraordinary! Our community runs sessions of 5th edition D&D starting at ...
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