A message to our patrons.

Hello. Checkmate had to take a bit of time off, and I know you all missed your Friendly Local Game Shop, and we missed you too! It was for safety! 

Ohio says we can open responsibly.

Starting Tuesday may 12th Checkmate will be open 1pm to 8pm.  PH. 419-720-6901

There are rules, expectations and suggestions for this new world of ours.

  1. One Group At a Time. If you all came in the same car, you may all come in together. We ask others to wait in their car until the store is cleared. We will wave you in if we feel it is too crowded
  2. You, like us, will wear masks in store. For your own safety: we will clean surfaces several times a day, but you coming in don’t know if the group leaving were healthy. Be safe.
  3. Limit your time shopping.  Gosh, I’d love to chat deckbuilding and what you’re paladin has been up to, but we have to be considerate of others who want to come in too.
  4. Call ahead if possible. Like a fancy restaurant, we suggest calling for a reservation.  We have an appointment calendar, and will alot each group 15 minutes to shop. This last is loose. If there is no one waiting to come in, browse away! But if someone is outside, we will gently notify you it is time to make a selection.  Also, if you happen to drop by without calling, we aren’t going to turn you away, but we will ask that you wait until the current patron leaves. (or several if they made appointments and are waiting themselves). Of course, we will try to work with you. Improvisation is a key gamer skill – we will find a way to take care of you! 

All of the above is important so that Checkmate can show authorities that we are mitigating risk as much as is reasonable, but to also help assuage the fears of potential shoppers who don’t want to go out where careless people are. -KS

Checkmate:  Family. Friendly. Entertainment.