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New Store FrontCheckMate strives to be the Northwest Ohio source for family friendly tabletop games from around the world that will not be found at the “Big Box” stores, as well as providing a hub for a community of all ages that are interested in courteous competition and meeting others who have a shared interest in tabletop gaming as a hobby.

CheckMate will host activities, tournaments, and events designed to bring players together and serve as a hub of communication allowing players to find each other for tabletop gaming. 

These services are provided in a fun, clean, family safe atmosphere where the spirit of good sportsmanship is encouraged.

Hours of Operation:
Sundays                         11am - 6pm
Mondays - Thursday   11am - 9 pm
Friday                             11 am - Midnight (it's Friday Night Magic night)
Saturday                        11 am - 9 pm
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