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From noon-midnight on Saturday, June 16th, Checkmate will be hosting many different ROLE-PLAYING GAMES at various different time slots throughout the day.


  • Noon – Star Wars – Savage Worlds 
  • 4pm – Dungeons & Dragons – Beneath the Keep
  • 4pm – Pathfinder – We Be Super Goblins!!
  • 8pm – Call of Cthulhu – Scritch Scratch

Don’t have time to sit down for a full session?  That’s okay! You can still show up and hangout for a bit, as well as get free stuff! Just swing by the store and say “I’d like a FREE role-playing thing, please!” and we will show you a variety of FREE products to choose from! (While supplies last, see end of post.)


Interested in running a game of your own? We are still looking to fill time slots with games, so we need Game Masters and Players! Come in before Saturday and sign up to be a Game Master! We have plenty of pre-written Adventure Modules that you can choose from, or you can bring in your own game to run. Game Masters get even MORE free stuff!


  • Visitors will have their pick from two FREE THINGS one from Box A and one from Box B
  • Players will receive the above plus one additional choice from either Box A or Box B
  • Volunteers running events will receive the above plus a “Free RPG Day” Module.

We hope to see you Saturday!

FREE RPG Day 2018

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