Open Board Game Nights
Checkmate’s Open Board Game Nights

Every Tuesday evening, from 7:00 PM- close, Checkmate’s hosts Open Board Game Nights! This event is free and open to all, regardless of age or board game experience. Games are provided via our Demo Game Library, but participants are encouraged to bring their favorite games for others to try!

Why Attend a Board Game Night?

Experts are saying we are in the golden age of board games. Traditional games like Candy Land and Monopoly are still very popular. However, there has been an explosion of hobby board games hitting the market in recent years. With this influx of hobby board games comes the proliferation of places like board game cafes and friendly local game stores. This includes places like CheckMate, where friends and strangers alike can congregate to play.

Board gaming has become a go-to social activity not only because the games are “better,” but because tabletop gaming makes interacting in-person easier.

Board games can act as an ice breaker. Because the rules are already established, players can get to know each other without feeling the need to be too serious. Because board games act as an avenue for interaction, they make meeting new people and making new friends even easier. Everyone at the table already has something in common – they’re there to play a game. Rather than grasping for some common ground, players have the advantage of having already found it. They also have the opportunity to forge relationships through cooperative and competitive play.

Playing board games allows us to meet new people, get to know other players, hone our skills, and have fun! Stop by Checkmate’s Open Board Game Nights and find out what all the fuss is about!

Open Board Game Nights

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