War of the Spark Pre-Release!

The newest set for Magic: The Gathering is coming soon! Nicol Bolas is ready to enact his final plan for ultimate power. Planeswalkers from all over the multiverse are showing up to either stop him, or aid him in his evil plans. With that, this set has more Planeswalkers in it than any other set! This will mix up standard in a whole new way! “This sounds so exciting! When can I get my hands on this set?” is what i’m sure you are asking yourself. Well don’t worry, its closer than you think!

On April 27th – 28th, we will be holding Pre-Release events that allow you to get the newest cards, a month early! Entry is $25. Everyone will receive one extra pack at the end just for showing up! The rest of the prize support goes out to the top 3rd.

Event Times

Saturday, April 27th @ Midnight (Directly after FNM)

Saturday, April 27th @ 6pm

Sunday, April 28th @ 1pm

Checkmate Staff

Checkmate is a locally owned retail store and community center focusing on tabletop games.

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