Commander Weekend!

The new Commander decks are about to release, and with it comes a tournament! 

The tournament begins on Saturday, August 24th @5pm!

This event is sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast to help promote Commander 19 as well as give you all some awesome prizes! 

Players will be placed in pods of 4 and given 70 minutes to play a game of commander. The objective of the match isn’t just to win, but to try and complete each achievement that can be found here. If you are able to complete the list, you will be rewarded with an official Promo Pack (While supplies last). 

Entry fee will be $40 due at sign-up. Along with that, you can choose which deck you want to use to compete with (while supplies last). That means you get the deck for a straight $40 as well as the possibility of winning promo packs! 

With this, Wizards is trying out a variant on Commander. Everything stays the same, except you will start with 3 legendary creatures in your command zone instead of just one! 

The event will be capped at 3 rounds. 

For those who plan on, or already have, reserved any of the decks, you may use one of your reserved decks for the tournament, however you won’t receive it until the tournament to keep things fair. 

We hope to see you there! 

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