Magic the Gathering Online Inventory!

Hello all Magic players! 

We know most people like shopping from the convenience of their own home. With that we would like to introduce our new Storefront for Magic the Gathering! 

We are now using TCGplayer as a storefront to sell our cards. Our store is currently in its “Beta” version as we aren’t able to upload our entire inventory to TCG just yet. 

Once we reach the time we can upload our entire inventory, we will take down our store for a few days while we input everything into TCG. After that, we will have a full functioning Online Store! 

All you will need to do is click the store tab on our website,, and it will take you to our store on TCG. Then, just put in the card you are looking for into the search bar and hit enter. Our store will still be a filter in your search if you used the store tab on our website so it won’t show anyone else’s inventory. You can also get to our store by searching a card normally through TCG, then clicking “Find a seller” on the left hand side of the screen and typing in “Checkmate”. 

We will publish another post when we shut down the store, and then when we officially re-open it with our full inventory! 

Thank you and play well with others! 


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